Category: The Lost

Tell Me Why

It’s been a little over years since I really started to pay attention to why people struggle to share their faith. I’m confident that any sort of church poll would reveal a problem… that many people do struggle and actively avoid sharing the gospel, but I’m actually more concerned with why. Allow me to explain…
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Best Intentions

Everyone understands the gap between intentions and actions. From the woman working on the forty-fifth floor of a New York City skyscraper to the Amazonian tribesman, hunting for his next meal in the rainforest, this is a universal struggle. I, as I write this, need to mow my lawn. I know I need to mow…
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Looking For Red Cars

How many red cars have you seen on the road this week? How about yesterday? It’s an interesting question for a few different reasons. First, we all know that red cars exist. You might even drive one. Second, we know red cars are regularly out on the road, mixed in with cars of all colors,…
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