Helping believers boldly and
naturally share the gospel

with anyone, at any time, and anywhere

The Problem

A snapshot of the issue from a local Jacksonville, FL church survey

full survey results

“I know the basics of the gospel message”

Strongly Agree – 25%
Agree – 38%

“I have an outward-focused worldview”

Strongly Agree – 10%
Agree – 17%

“I know how to share the gospel naturally”

Strongly Agree – 2%
Agree – 19%

“I know how to overcome my fears”

Strongly Agree – 2%
Agree – 15%

The Mission

Evangelism begins in the heart, not the mouth—what we believe, not just the words we say.

At Always Going, we don’t teach tips and tricks, but an outward-focused worldview that will excite you to join God’s mission and have you looking for gospel conversations wherever you go. We like to call this worldview training: 

  The Elements of an Outward-Focused Life


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The Method

No matter the context, we want to help every believer live an outward-focused life. We believe that flexibility and Spirit-led strategy are key to lasting growth, not a simple one-size-fits-all mentality.

For Believers

Are you personally looking to become more bold and natural in your witness?

For Leaders

Do those in your small group or Bible study desire to share the gospel more confidently?

For Churches

Is your church ready to begin mobilizing the entire congregation to make disciples?

Help us release our first book!

Meet Tyler Waugh, one of our local church partners.

Tyler is the Minister to Students at the Chets Creek Church Southside campus and has been partnering with Always Going for about two years. He’s walked multiple students through the curriculum and truly desires to help his students develop an outward-focused worldview. We’re so grateful for people like Tyler!

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