Month: August 2023

I Pledge Allegiance

Have you ever suffered for your allegiance? I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins. There. I said it. It’s not easy to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins. In fact, my allegiance to them started as a complete joke when they were the worst team in the history of the National Football League,…
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Living among the Dead

When I was in college, the zombie craze was just taking off. You know, deceased people who mysteriously come back to life through some disease, scientific experiment, or unknown reason. Zombies. Now, before you click away, bear with me. It’ll make sense in a minute. I remember watching a zombie show with my roommate, curious…
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Our Example’s Example

The fear of rejection is best defined as “remaining silent to preserve a relationship or reputation.” In my conversations with Christians over the years, this root has come across in many different dialects. What if they turn me down and things get weird? What if I’m labeled as a “Bible Thumper” or “Jesus Freak” from…
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